CabCash / RetailCash

Greenfield project for cash registration apps applied in multiple industries in Austria and Germany. CabCash has been built for transportation sector first (e.g. Taxi), but RetailCash aims is to be applied in any kind of commercial entity which has to report digital transactions.


New regulations in Austrian market enforce all commercial entities to include digital records of every transaction, as well as providing tools to manage and report all the commercial activities done during each sale, ride or transporting trip. CabCash/RetailCash should be a solution for this enforcement. Main technologies required are: Javascript, AngularJS, Cordova plugin, Ionic, Android..


Danubesoft puts together a flexible and agile Team of 1 project manager and 2 full-stack developers, Javascript experts with experience with mobile integration and tools like Ionic and Cordova. By continuous collaboration with CabCash /RetailCash product managers and mobile terminal manufacturers, all the pieces are put together for creating the best product.


A modern AngularJS application is built, integrated with Cordova/Ionic plugin and Ionic, deployed in a mobile terminal produced specifically for this project. The application’s main features include ride’s ticketing, invoicing, reporting, data exports, GPS location, routs calculations, offline mode…and much more! Currently CabCash is being used for more than 1000 certified vehicles in Austria. RetailCash is being develop and planned to be release in 2017.