AGRESEBE is cloud-based platform for agricultural management that provides to the agriculture industry with the necessary tools to enhance the management, production, analysis, efficiency and collaboration of its organizations.


Professional agriculture management and industry digitalization are 2 of he main obstacles of the agriculture growth in this era. AGRESEBE aims to be an answer to those problems. AGRESEBE’s main goal is to support the digitalization of the agriculture industry by improving the professionalization of agri-management and its processes, as well as connecting all different types of organizations through an online business network.


Danubesoft supports AGRESEBE with a small but high-performance development team, plus 1 project manager. Our AngularJS expertise on frontend together with AGRESEBE’s Django and Python backend has been a perfect match. AGRESEBE has become a close partner since summer 2016, and since then the daily collaboration is fluent and efficient.


A modern AngularJS application is built on top of a Django/Python backend using RESTful APIs. The application’s main features include daily work logging, chemical LogBook, stock management, advance reporting and accounting balances. As for the next steps, a new milestone is to be set to achieve service interconnection between all layers of the agriculture  industry, AGRNet.