1SpinMillionaire – Innovative Loyalty Platform

1SpinMillionaire is an innovative promotion and retention platform which increases customer lifetime and multiplies the operators volume. Players have chance to win a huge amount of money without any additional cost. The only thing the customers has to do is to play. The more they play, the more chance they have!


The online betting and gaming industry is suffering from innovation, especially on areas like customer bonification and retention. So we decided to build something new… 1SpinMillionaire needed to be designed as an innovative promotion and retention platform to increase gaming player lifetime and multiplies operator’s revenue.


The workflow should then be simple: a players plays any game, every time the player stakes more than a fixed amount (e.g. 10 eur), a lottery ticket is issued and sent to that player, for free (!), then those tickets take part in the next random lottery draw where the player can win the winning prize.


 A B2B platform had to be built in order to interconnect the operator’s system with 1SPinMillionaire. By connecting to operators via simple API, game plays can be accounted and 1SpinMillionaire tickets can be issued in real time. 1SpinMillionaire is a system built following 12-factor principles, the system exposes RESTful web services to communicate with operators. To understand the API, the system leverages swagger. Therefore, a swagger spec is published and sent to operators, making integration fairly simple and straightforward.